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Marketing automation 2.0 (that you can set up in minutes). You’ll see why setting up even the simplest automated email campaign can give you an immediate edge over your competitors, and how to create your first campaign in a matter of minutes.

How to get your potential customers to take action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll see how to continuously encourage subscribers to take specific actions that lead to sales, like download your best content, schedule a sales call with you, or just purchase your product—with little or no effort on your part.

How to always send the right emails to the right subscribers, at the right time. You’ll see how to set up and trigger your email campaigns in a specific way, so your leads always see the email messages that perfectly match their actions.

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Social Media Dashboard Goal sets

This Social Media Dashboard features

Visits from Social Networks
Goal Value by Social Network
Visits by Social Network
Visits and Pageviews by Social Network
Data Hub Activities
Data Hub Activities by Social Network and Action
Data Hub Acitivites by Social Network
Data Hub Activities and Visits by Shared URL
Social Actions by Shared URL

Social Actions by Shared URL Widget Settings
Data Hub Activities by Social Network and Action
Social Visitor Loyalty
Interaction by Day of Week






Social Media Dashboard for Off & On site activity

How is social performing for your brand? This dashboard gives you a view of Off-site activity, On-site activity, and Conversions/Outcomes, making it easier to evaluate user activity throughout the conversion process.

This social media dashboard features:

Overall visits
Onsite social actions
Social source value
Traffic from social sources
Most shared sources
Revenue per visit by social traffic




Social Media Insights

#1: Track Follower Preferences on Twitter#

1: Track Follower Preferences on TwitterIn Twitter analytics dashboard here a 28-day summary of your profile. Gather Twitter Activity: number of impressions, engagements, link clicks, retweets, mentions favorites and replies Find the Most Engaging Tweets


#2: Discover Fan Insights on Facebook

Insights at the top of the page to  view a variety of analytics. Insights at the top of the page to  view a variety of analytics.

Overview A list of page likes, post reach (the number of people who have seen impressions of a post) and engagement

Likes: you’ll see a graph showcasing your page’s growth in terms of audience.

Reach:  you can see information on whether your Facebook posts are getting attention organically

Visits: areas of your page that people visited

Posts: a graph showing what days of the week and times of the day your fans are online.

People:  information on your audience demographics: the percentage of women and men, ages, languages and cities


#3: Identify Follower Tastes on Pinterest

go to average number of daily impressions (number of times one of your pins has appeared on a home or category feed or through a search), daily viewers (number of people looking at your profile), monthly viewers and monthly engagements.
1 New profile data Get better at creating Pins and boards with metrics from your Pinterest profile.
2 More website insights Learn how people use the Save button on your site to add Pins.
3 Platform metrics See how people interact with your Pins from whatever device they use.
4 Your best Pins

Get a glance at your all-time highest-performing Pins.

Social Media metrics to assess brand awareness

Social Media metrics to assess brand awareness

1.Follower count
2. Impressions
3. Mention and shares
4. Top tweet (audience engages with the most)
5. Top mention
6. Profile visits
7. New followers
Marketing Metrics
1 How much does it cost?
2 Feedback
3 Prospects and customers 4 Revenues.


Top 5 social media questions


What social tactics are most effective?
The number-one question marketers want answered (92%) is which tactics work best.
This isn’t a surprise, given the constant changes taking place across many social networks.


What are the best ways to engage my audience with social
Figuring out how to best connect with people remains high on the list of questions marketers want answered (90%). Engaging with customers is becoming a unique  competitive advantage.


How do I measure the return on my social media marketing?
A significant 86% of marketers want to know how to measure their return on investment
for social media activities.


How do I find my target audience with social media?
Locating ideal customers and prospects is a big concern for marketers (86%). Marketers are looking for guidance on sifting through enormous social networks and connecting with the right people.


What are the best social management tools?
Marketers want better tools to simplify their social media tasks. A surprising 86% don’t know which tools are best.

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