Social Media Tweaks to boost engagement

10 Great Social Media Tweaks

  1. The Time and date of publishing your posts greatly affects your user engagement
  2. Creating a list of social networks to reach your targeted audience
  3. Creating various formats of a specific subject you want to talk about eg. Video, pictures, pdf ect.
  4. Always add images to your social media posts to support the message.
  5. Use relevant hash tags to disperse your message further.
  6. Through analysis of your insights figure out the best time frame delay for your posts on the various social media platforms you use.
  7. Add social media sharing buttons to your pages you;d want to boost of spend an ad budget on.
  8. Do keyword research for words with a high search volume you use on your pages and posts.
  9. Creating content for specific channels your website or as a guess post
  10. Create and provide great opt-in offers to increase your email list.

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