Social media marketing strategy

14 notes to define your Social Media Marketing strategy

  1. Define your target audience what their Age, gender, demographics, income and education levels are.
  2. Define your buyer Personas what their age, location, interests are.
  3. Identify influencers in the industry
  4. Identify which Social media platforms  your target audience/ buyer personas use most
  5. Research competitors Social Media networks, monitor their presence and campaigns and frequency of posts
  6.  Create a content strategy  and social media calendar focused on your target audience research what, when and where they are searching for .
  7. Collect  and create content and media for the social media campaigns from your business media bank
  8. Schedule frequency posts on your chosen social media network based on your Social media calendar
  9. Monitor  user engagement and engage whilst building a relationship track your engagement metrics and insights from your social media platforms.
  10. Maintain a systematic publishing schedule,  schedule a post frequency you can maintain with your Social media calendar
  11. Investigate the target audience and data collected to plan a  ad campaign to increase user reach in targeted area
  12. Define which are your goals.
  13. Consider automating social media posts, investigate which social media platform best suits your business needs
  14. Analysis  the user engagement data collected to plan future campaigns, consider advertising to increase social followers to increase brand awareness and to identify new audiences

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