User Behaviour Google analytics dashboard

Identify your  User Behaviour in Google analytics with this useful ready to import GA dashboard

Description of the User Behaviour Google analytics dashboard

  1. Ave. Session Duration
  2. Pages / Session
  3. Ave. Time on Page
  4. Bounce Rate
  5. Sessions by Country
  6. Ext pages
  7. Bounce rate per country
  8. Sessions and bounce rate by Medium
  9. Sessions by Device
  10. Users and bounce rate by Device Sessiond and ave. time on page by country
  11. New Users vs Users

  Google analytics User behaviour dashboard

User Audience Google Analytics dashboard

User Audience Overview  Description

  1.  Sessions and Bounces by Age
  2.  Transactions and Ecommerce Conversion Rate by Age
  3.  Time of day
  4.  Day of the week
  5.  Geo location
  6.  Sessions by Age and Gender
  7.  Engagement duration sessions and pageviews
  8.  Visits by Channel
  9.  Audience Market Category
  10.  Sessions and Bounce Rate by Traffic Type
  11.  Sessions and Bounce Rate by User Type
  12.  Device Type Pageviews & Ave. Time per user

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